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ABOUT GreenTech

GreenTech has over 20 years of experience solving complex problems involving agronomic issues worldwide.  We have developed a system used as the basis for those solutions which has proven its effectiveness, flexibility and reliability.

The GreenTech System is a proven and effective tool for applications in Stadium Athletic Field Design and Construction, Golf Course Design and Construction, Green Build Design, Green Roof Design, Storm Water Management and Filtration, Urban Agriculture, Creating Green Space and other in unique situations where drainage control and proper agronomics are important.

ABOUT the GreenTech System

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Chris Scott

ABOUT GreenTech People

Chris Scott


Chris Scott is a Founder of GreenTech Inc. and co-inventor it's proprietary technology.  He has over 30 years of experience in business and project development and has managed all GreenTech projects from it's inception.

GreenTech was just a vision in 1994 when seed capital was invested to design and construct an injection mold to produce the hardware that was to become the foundation of an agronomic system which now finds itself installed in many of the most difficult and prestigious venues and projects around the globe.

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